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BH Cars Advanced Online Booking, Tracking & Reporting System (Projected availability September 2013)

We can offer you an online booking system that will make arranging ground transportation simple. You’ll have access to our secure bespoke online booking system that will give you complete control over your company’s airport transportation from absolutely anywhere in the world that you have internet connection. Create, modify and delete bookings without having to pick up the phone.


BH Cars bookings on the move from anywhere in the world (Projected availability December 2013)

To compliment your booking system and to make your life even more easier we developing a range of mobile devices applications which will have the same features as your desktop booking system allowing you or your team members to make reservations whilst on the move from anywhere in the world, again all without having to pick up the phone. Another advantage of this is when your plans change last minute and you are unable to get hold of your office. Make your reservation yourself and have it automatically charged to your companies account. You can even have an email sent to you team so they know your plans!


Tracking and Reporting - (Projected availability TBC)

We will be able to assist your finance control department accurately track travel expenses through our online system. Your companies travel management team & accounts department will be able to run various reports on transportation cost & usage. We believe this historical information will allow you to look at how best to minimise your costs, any loss of time and even allow you to monitor your carbon footprint.


Worldwide Travel Updates (Projected availlability TBC) 

Your travel can be affected by any number of factors outside of your control. It’s very important to maintain an accurate picture of events that could potentially alter your business travel arrangements. By signing up for our worldwide travel updates, you’ll always know exactly what’s happening anywhere in the world or just the areas that you sign thus allowing you to plan accordingly.


Track your driver (Projected availability TBC)

Would you like to know exactly where your driver is?

Would you like to know if he/she is on the way to your location at your expected collection time?

We are really excited to be able to provide this service to you which again shows our commitment to provide a service that is second to none.  Once implemented you will be able log in to our website site or use your mobile handset to locate the exact GPS location of your designated driver.

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